Representative Clients

We handle all types of education, behavioral health, criminal and juvenile justice matters.   Our specialty is helping individuals with special education or recovery support needs who may be justice involved or need advocacy within the education or behavioral health systems. Representative clients include the following:

Early Intervention: An adolescent or young adult has contact with law enforcement. Instead, there may also be problems at home or school related to attitude, behavior or educational progress. Other early warning signs include inattention, hyperactivity, depression, anxiety, isolating, listening to different music, changing their appearance or friends. This is a critical time to intervene, evaluate and advocate for education or recovery supports. If there is a criminal or juvenile case, we will obtain an optimal result in court that includes, whenever possible, complete expungment of any criminal record.

Recovery Management: An adolescent or adult has mental health, substance abuse or co-occurring issues.   They are resistent to treatment or have undergone multiple treatments but are unable to sustain recovery. As recovery specialists with a collaborative network of behavioral health, interventionists, recovery professionals and peer specialists, we will help engage the client in a sustainable recovery plan that is best for the individual and their family. We will bring a “recovery management” health and wellness approach that maximizes the chances for success and avoids pitfalls. If the individual is justice involved, we will fully explore with the client all treatment and recovery opportunities and leverage their situation with the Court to obtain the best possible result in and out of court.

Advocacy for Loved One With Serious Mental Illness: A loved one lacks insight into their condition. The County’s resources are limited, and you have been unable to secure the support they need. Perhaps a civil commitment is needed but due to the legal standards for commitment you are not able to obtain hospitalization.   We will use our County contacts and knowledge of special government-funded support programs to advocate and engage your loved one to inititate and sustain recovery.   If they are involved in the justice system or incarecerated, we will obtain the best result possible in court and work hard to ensure a smooth transition into the community.