Education Law

Special Education lawyer PennsylvaniaThe Law Office of Michael J. Harper handles all types of education law cases including special education advocacy, early intervention, bullying, suspensions, expulsions and gifted programs. We help parents understand their child’s rights and a school’s legal obligations including IEPs, IDEA, Mediation, Due Process Hearings and 504 Plans.

Special Education Advocacy & Supports

Students have a right to education supports, services and accommodations so they can access the school’s regular curriculum.  We advocate and work collaboratively with schools and families to ensure that a child’s unique learning needs are met.

The Law Office of Michael J. Harper utilizes a comprehensive prevention and early intervention approach, fully advising parents of their child’s rights and assisting families to develop effective strategies at every step of the special education process.

As a professional educator and legal advocate, Mr. Harper understands how to work collaboratively with school districts and avoid costly litigation.

Contact us to ensure that your child receives the education opportunities they are entitled to.