About Us

Attorney Michael J. HarperMichael J. Harper, Esquire is a legal and systems expert with over twenty years of experience in the government and non-profit sectors. He has devoted his entire career to achieving justice for individuals and advocating for system reform.

Michael is a professional litigator, educator, systems analyst and program developer. He has successfully represented thousands of clients facing all kinds of complex legal and systems challenges.

Criminal and juvenile justice cases handled include homicides, felonies, misdemeanors, DUIs, internet crimes, probation violations, parole hearings, delinquency petitions, juvenile detention hearings, juvenile placement reviews, underage drinking and truancy.

Individuals in the justice system usually have significant learning differences, mental health, substance abuse, addiction, trauma or co-occurring disorders. For many of our clients, contact with the justice system is a valuable opportunity to intervene, gain insight and secure education and recovery supports.

A primary focus of Michael’s practice is therefore helping individuals and families in need of specialized supports. The education, justice and behavioral health systems are complex. Obstacles and gaps limit access to supports and prevent a successful outcome.

It is crucial to understand how these systems interact. It is a critical time to advocate for supports and prevent further harm.

Michael also handles all types of education law cases including special education advocacy, early intervention, bullying, suspensions, expulsions and gifted programs. We help parents understand their child’s rights and a school’s legal obligations including IEPs, IDEA, Mediation, Due Process Hearings and 504 Plans.

Schools struggle to meet the educational needs of their students. Every child’s situation is unique and demands specialized advocacy and supports. Early intervention, education supports, ongoing assessment and adjustments are needed for appropriate student learning.

Michael utilizes a comprehensive prevention and early intervention approach, fully advising parents of their child’s rights and assisting families to develop effective strategies at every step of the special education process.

As a professional educator and legal advocate, Michael understands how to work collaboratively with school districts and avoid costly litigation.

The Law Office of Michael J. Harper specializes in helping children, adolescents, adults and families. Our experience, collaborative approach and network of behavioral health and education professionals will ensure that your education and recovery support needs are met.

Commitment. Experience. Compassion. Results.   We will champion your cause.